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7 Steps To Protect Your Facebook Account From Being Hacked

Posted on December 12, 2013 at 7:45 PM

Facebook Protection Tips are highly recommended to the Users. Everybody knows that, it is the biggest Social Communication System.

It's now like our daily meals. However,every user should try these Tricks to have their account safe and sound.

So, now I am providing some important Tricks.

Facebook Security Tips

:1.Choosing a Strong Password: First you should choose strong password for your account. You should try Mixing up Capital,Small Letters,Symbols,Numbers and Even Spaces in your password and it should be long. You should change it regularly after a certain period. This is the most important Tricks of them all.

2. Keeping Your Mail Secure: You should keep your facebook mail secured as it can be needed in the process of recovery and it can also be used to attack you.So it should be secured. You can try the strong password tip for your mail too.

3. Don't Forget To Log Out From Shared/Other Computers: If you log on to facebook from a shared computer,you should endeavor to log out from it after you have done your work. If you don't do this, your account might be hacked.

4. Using Antivirus On Computer: You should have and run antivirus on your computer to keep your account fully safe and sound. These days on the internet there are lots of spywares which can get personal informations so easily. So i recommended you to have internet security with antivirus which will keep you safe from those spywares.

5. Adding Security Question: You should add security questions on your facebook account.This question will be needed if you lose your password. It will be also needed in the process of account recover.

6. Be Carefull Clicking on Links And What You Download: You should be very careful clicking on links or the things you download. You have to think of your safety. If it is safe you can click it. I am advising you not to click any unknown link. So, you definitely need this Trick.

7. Extra Security Tips(Recommended): In addition,if you want to keep your account more secured from hackers,you should definitely try FB extra services. Such as Mobile log in Verification, Recognize Devices and Many more. If you activate the mobile verification, when anyone tries to log in, a verification code will be come to you and you have to use it in your account. Without this code, you can't log in.

So, it will be so much secure.

Note: As you use your Facebook daily, you should definitely try these Tricks to be secured. I recommended everybody to use it.


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